Our Story

Hey cruising friends…Thanks so much for visiting the SUPPORT A PORT webpage!  Let me share a little history with you.  Between the three of us, the CRUISE AMIGOS have made uncountable PORT STOPS!  On cruises in all the directions of the compass.  When we’re not cruising, we talk about cruising…so much so that we started our weekly YOUTUBE and FACEBOOK program to talk about travel and cruising even more!   Thanks to you and many more cruise enthusiasts, it has found a great audience, thousands visit the site each week to hear some hard cruise information, but even more so to enjoy some banter and have some fun and for just a few minutes, try to relive those glorious moments at sea!

Now with this Virus Pandemic that seems to have no end, Times are getting tougher and tougher for the folks that worked so hard at each of those stops to show us such a great time.  Whether it’s bus drivers, or bartenders, or those that restocked the ship’s larders, really like what you wrote or took away the mountain of garbage that 2500, or 4000 or even 5000 of us would generate, they all depended on our ship to come into port to get their paycheck.  And for most all of them that had dried up…for how long?  As the news keeps coming out, it appears longer and longer.  

As we write this, the three of us talked back and forth about how we know that many cruisers are having it tough right now too, but there are also many who have retired and on a fixed income.  Cruisers are known to have big hearts and historically have always been generous in sharing with those who meet our every need as we sail the seven seas!   

We are asking you now to help us give back a little!  We have created a non-profit corporation in the USA that is collecting funds.  When we get over 100$ for any cruise location, we will reach out to that cruise port, and in talking to the Port Authority, or the Tourism Department there, we will find a needed recipient on the other end!   What’s your favorite PORT?  Where would you like us to place your donation?  NONE of us are doing this for Profit! Please ask your friends to join in!  What port will you choose for your donation?